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Sunday, December 21
9:45 am
Christmas Worship Service

Wednesday, December 24
5 pm
Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service


First Baptist Church of Arlington is a church of faith where people can grow to their God given potential. If you are just now exploring the claims of Jesus Christ for the first time as an adult, or if you have been a personal Christian for years, it would be great to have you join us in our spiritual journey.

We are a group of people who are at different places in our spiritual walk discovering together what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century. Some of us are very traditional church folk. Some of us are postmodern. Some of us are young, some wish we were. We are shades of black, brown, and white.

We are a Baptist church because we believe in the centrality of the gospel, the importance of scripture, the necessity of personal faith, and the freedom that is found in Christ. Our faith has provided a place for us to stand in facing life, and we have found some meaningful answers. We also have many questions.

I'm so glad you're looking at our home on the web. If you'd like to know us better, come by on a Sunday morning for our worship service, or drop in at one of our group meetings or special events. Our worship service starts at 10 am.

I'll be here, and I look forward to meeting you.

Pastor Jon



3 pm
Sunday, December 14, 2014

A service of Christian faith especially for those approaching this Christmas in grief.

This service is for those who have a hard time when everyone else is happy. People who have experienced the death of a person close to them, have divorced, had a miscarriage, lost a job, have health difficulties or other losses and need a place of peace and reflection at Christmas. Together we will acknowledge the sadness and difficulties of the holidays but also will be reminded of the healing and hope we have in Christ.

Quiet hymns, scripture, a reflective meditation, prayer, and the opportunity to light candles of memory to remind us of the ongoing strength of the Christmas message. Everyone is welcome, regardless of church membership or where you are in your personal journey of faith.


Some Thoughts on Gratitude at Thanksgiving

How do we learn to be grateful? Does it just come naturally to some or can it be taught? I know that early on we try to teach our children to be grateful. We often hear a young mother prompt her child to say, “Thank you!” Can it be taught that easily or do we need to see it in action? Did you grow up with a grateful mother, a grateful father, or someone else who taught you by example to be grateful?

I remember a church service when a man who had been raised in a country without personal freedom prayed and thanked God for now living in America where he could really have freedom. I remember being surprised that his tears flowed freely with gratitude for his new country. I asked myself if I, too, was grateful for living in American, or if I didn’t think much about it since I was so used to it. I had not had this man’s experience of lack of freedom. Perhaps I became more grateful for my country because of his example.

In our recent Bible study on Philippines, the apostle Paul has quite a bit to say about being grateful. He was grateful for the support the church at Philippi had given him. Max Lucado, the author of our study, says that the book of Philippines is a thank-you note from Paul to the Macedonian believers who had supported him with several generous financial gifts. But he also pointed out that the givers in turn, would be blessed.

So, as we approach this season of stewardship and of thanksgiving, may we be both grateful and generous. And we have the assurance of scripture that, “My God shall supply your every need according to His riches in Christ Jesus.” (Philippines 4: 19) That applies to us as individuals and to the church as His body on earth.

Thank you, Jesus!

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